Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me?

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me?

Isn’t it just adorable when your rabbit follows you around? Their cute little hops are sure to melt anyone’s heart. However, sometimes their constant following might leave you wondering why they do it.

If your rabbit follows you, it’s because he sees you as a companion and feels safe and comfortable being around you. It can also be a sign of trust, seeking attention, curiosity, anticipation of food or treats, or hierarchical instincts.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this behavior, including their curiosity, need for safety, territorial instincts, and more. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of rabbits and discover why they choose to be your constant companion.

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me?

1. Curiosity

Rabbits are naturally curious creatures, and if your rabbit follows you, it’s likely driven by its curious nature. They may be interested in exploring their environment or investigating new sights, sounds, and smells. Also, your presence may provide them with a sense of safety and encourage their exploration.

2. Seeking Safety and Comfort

As prey animals, rabbits can feel vulnerable and easily frightened. They usually seek safety in numbers and often rely on their mates for protection. When your rabbit follows you, it could be because they feel safe in your presence and consider you a trusted companion. They find comfort in staying close to you, especially in open spaces where they feel more exposed to potential threats.

3. Attracted by Your Scent

Rabbits have a powerful sense of smell, which they use to detect scents in their environment. Your rabbit might follow you because they are attracted to your scent. They may have developed a fondness for your specific smell or be curious about the fragrances you wear. Additionally, if you use perfumes with sweet scents, your rabbit might find them appealing and follow you around to investigate further.

4. Territorial Instincts

Rabbits can exhibit territorial behavior, particularly if they have a dominant personality or are not fixed. They may follow you to claim territories that are otherwise inaccessible to them. By Peeing, leaving fecal pellets, or rubbing their chin against objects, known as “chinning,” they mark these areas as their own. Pay attention to these signs, as your rabbit might be subtly telling you, “This place is mine now!”

5. Playful Interactions

Rabbits are social animals that enjoy playtime and attention. When your rabbit follows you at a fast pace, hopping around energetically, it may be a sign that they want to play with you. Engage in interactive play sessions with your rabbit to fulfill their need for activity and entertainment. After a satisfying playtime, they may stop following you as they’ve had their fill of fun.

6. Requesting Food

Rabbits have a keen appetite, and your rabbit might follow you around as a way of asking for food. Observe their behavior closely— if they frequently stop and try to nibble on objects, it could be an indication of hunger. Additionally, rabbits need to chew on food to keep their teeth trimmed. By following you, they might be hoping to receive something to chew on or enjoy a tasty treat.

7. For Attention

Rabbits thrive on social interaction and can become lonely or bored without sufficient attention. They enjoy affection and companionship, and by following you, they express their desire for your attention. In the wild, rabbits live with other bunnies, and being social creatures, they show affection. Shower your rabbit with love and attention, and they will reciprocate by following you less persistently.

8. They Are Happy or Excited

Rabbits can exhibit their happiness and excitement by following you everywhere. They may associate your presence with positive experiences and become elated to be around you. You can identify their joy by observing their energetic hops, binkies, and perked-up ears pointed in your direction. These signs indicate that your rabbit finds immense happiness in following you.

9. The expectation of Treats

Rabbits are intelligent animals capable of recognizing patterns. If you frequently reward your rabbit with treats, they might associate your presence with the anticipation of receiving tasty morsels. Even if you aren’t carrying treats, their hopeful nature could lead them to believe that treats are forthcoming. Their eagerness to follow you stems from the excitement of a potential treat-filled encounter.

10. For Companionship

Rabbits form deep attachments and can become deeply attached to their human caretakers. If your rabbit doesn’t have other rabbit companions, they might rely on you as their sole source of companionship. Feeling your absence, they might follow you persistently to fulfill their need for closeness and interaction. Spending quality time with your rabbit can help alleviate their longing for companionship.

11. Hierarchical Behavior

In the wild, rabbits live in groups with a hierarchical structure. By following you, your rabbit may be mimicking this instinctual behavior and recognizing you as the leader of its “warren” (your home).

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me Everywhere?

The main reasons why your rabbit follows you everywhere may vary based on its unique personality, but it generally indicates a strong bond and a positive relationship between you and your furry friend.

If your rabbit follows you everywhere it may be seeking companionship and may feel comfortable and secure in your presence, leading them to follow you around.

Also, Your rabbit may enjoy interacting with its environment and the people around it, so your rabbit may be seeking attention, playtime, or petting. Additionally, rabbits are motivated by food, so if they associate your presence with treats or meals, they may follow you in the hopes of receiving more food.

Lastly, if you have established a consistent routine with your rabbit, it may have learned to anticipate certain activities and follow you as part of that routine.

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me And Circle Me?

If your rabbit follows you and circles around you, it could be trying to get a better view of its surroundings from different angles.

Your rabbit may also be seeking companionship and attention from you. Following you closely and circling can be a way for them to stay close and engage with you.

Additionally, circling behavior in rabbits can be related to their instinctual territoriality. By circling you, your rabbit may be marking you and the area with its scent glands, claiming you and your space as part of its territory.

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me To The Bathroom?

Firstly, the bathroom may intrigue your rabbit with its different smells and sounds. They might simply be following you to explore, especially when this environment is new and unfamiliar to them.

Secondly, your rabbit may see you as their companion and feel more secure when they are near you. Since the bathroom is typically a small and enclosed space, your rabbit might perceive it as an opportunity for close interaction and attention.

Additionally, rabbits are creatures of habit and routine, so if you frequently visit the bathroom at specific times, your rabbit might have learned to associate this behavior with certain activities or rewards. For example, if you often interact with your rabbit or provide treats after using the bathroom, they may follow you in anticipation of those positive experiences.

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me Around The House?

When your rabbit follows you around the house, it may simply enjoy your company and seek out your presence as a source of comfort and companionship.

Secondly, rabbits are curious creatures who may follow you to explore their environment. They are interested in the sights, sounds, and scents of different areas in the house. By following you, they can satisfy their natural curiosity and investigate new surroundings.

Another possible explanation is that your rabbit associates you with positive experiences such as playtime, treats, or attention. They may have learned that by following you, they have a higher chance of engaging in enjoyable activities or receiving rewards.

Additionally, rabbits are prey animals by nature, and they may perceive you as their protector. By following you around, they feel safer and more secure. They rely on you for their well-being and may see you as their source of safety and reassurance.


Rabbits’ tendency to follow their humans around the house stems from a combination of instincts and their strong social nature. Whether driven by curiosity, seeking companionship, anticipating rewards, or finding security, these furry companions forge deep bonds with their owners.

Understanding and appreciating these behaviors can enhance the mutual trust and affection between rabbits and their human companions. By providing a loving and stimulating environment, we can ensure our rabbits’ happiness and well-being, making them cherished members of our households and enriching our lives with their endearing presence.

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