What Sounds Do Rabbits Like To hear?

What Sounds Do Rabbits Like To Hear?

Like humans, rabbits love to listen and will react to any sound that they find stimulating or interesting. However, we pet rabbit owners need to become familiar with the sounds rabbits like to hear and hate as well.

Sounds rabbits would love to hear may include their owner’s voice, music, or the crinkly sound of a plastic bag. These sounds will trigger your rabbit either because they have associated that sound with food or treats or they are just curious about the sound.

If you have a pet rabbit, it is quite easy to notice which sounds your rabbits like and the ones they don’t. Rabbits are different and the sounds they will like or respond to may differ from other rabbits.

In this article, I will be walking you through the common and uncommon sounds pet rabbits love.

What Sounds Do Rabbits Like To Hear?

1. The crinkly sound of bags

This is considered the most popular and classical sound that attracts a rabbit’s attention. It is the sound of any wrapper or bag be it plastic or paper bags.

Rabbits have an impressive peak understanding of what the crinkly sound of bags represents. To rabbits, this sound means you either have a treat or a toy, or you just got back from shopping and there are fresh veggies around.

The crinkly sound of any plastic bag will immediately impact your rabbit into action making them express its immense desire which will lead to begging.

2. Music (classical songs)

Rabbits generally love listening to music, especially soft or classical kinds of music. classical music is widely recognized to soothe and calm rabbits.

If your rabbit listens to a song repeatedly, the beat of the song becomes more recognizable and your rabbit will respond to it with familiarity. There has been a scientific study conducted on a colony of rabbits in 2018 to back up this fact.

Another study also concluded that consistent exposure to soft music significantly reduced cortisol (stress hormone) in any rabbit that is experiencing stress.

Learn more about “rabbits’ love for music and its psychological impacts”

3. Refrigerator door opening

The sound of a refrigerator opening is also a very common sound that attracts a rabbit’s attention. If you keep your fruits and veggies in the refrigerator, that is probably what attracts your rabbit. The sound of the refrigerator tells them that you are preparing their food.

My rabbit personally gets excited and zooms in as soon as the fridge door opens. Although I don’t feed him by the refrigerator, he just knows that anytime the refrigerator door opens, it’s time for some treat.

4. The sound of hay

Typically, a rabbit’s diet is made up of 80% hay. For rabbits, hay can no longer be classified as just food, it is a lifestyle. Hay is high in fiber which helps rabbits to properly digest their food and keep their digestive system functioning.

When a rabbit runs low on hay, the mere sound of hay scuffing around is enough to get them excited and jump back into their litter box.

5. Sound of doors opening

The sound of a door opening and closing triggers rabbits. Doors have different sounds so, if a rabbit becomes familiar with each of them, it will become easy for them to tell whether you just got home or it’s time for treats.

6. Your voice

Your voice is something your rabbit would love to hear. If you have a strong bond with your rabbit, your rabbit would love to always listen to you talk to them. Hearing your voice reassures them that you love and care about them.

Although they can’t understand your word for word, the basic tone of your voice can indicate a lot to your rabbit whether you are happy, sad, scared, or angry.

Studies have shown that rabbits that are talked to affectionately by their humans live longer and healthier lives. So you should always talk to your rabbit calmly and affectionately.

7. The sound of their partner

Rabbits don’t just like any other rabbit. They need to have a special bond with another rabbit partner to enjoy their company.

Knowing their partner is nearby at all times will provide comfort to your rabbit and hearing them dig, purr or click their teeth will help keep them at ease at all times.

Rabbits are social animals so, having two or more rabbits is critical for your rabbit’s mental health.  Most importantly rabbits understand their languages better than we do.

8. Sound of cutlery

Although it isn’t common, some rabbits tend to love the sound of cutlery and it will attract their attention anytime they hear it. This is because they either love the cutlery’s clattering sound or already associate the sound with treats.

9. Keys or jingles

There is something about keys or anything that jingles, that makes rabbits go wild. The jingle of a key or Christmas bells will arouse your rabbits and get their ears to perk up out of curiosity. This is quite common in other pets like dogs or cats.

They most likely enjoy the sound as they toss the keys around, and it also helps to keep them busy and stimulated.

10. Sounds of pellets being poured

Pellets are food, and rabbits love food. So why wouldn’t they love the sound of their food being poured? High-fiber pellets are only supplemental to a rabbit’s diet. For some rabbits, they may perceive pellets as a fun treat and for others, it means breakfast time.

The number of pellets to be fed to your rabbit should be contingent on your rabbit’s age, weight, and health condition. Feeding your pellets too much can cause obesity so, always make sure to measure accordingly.

11. Tongue clicks

This is a unique sound that is made with a little bit of air pressure between the tongue and teeth, which will grab the rabbits’ attention immediately,

Tongue click is a great and efficient sound to train your rabbit with. I use this sound to mostly call my rabbit to where I am or to get his attention away from something he shouldn’t be doing.

12. Kiss sound

Kiss sounds are similar to tongue clicks but they are still very different. If your rabbit understands kisses, consider yourself lucky.

Rabbits love kiss sounds because it shows that you love them and some rabbits might even respond to the kiss and reciprocate the sound back to their owners.

13. Sound of a jar 

The sound of a jar has the same effect as a crinkly bag but is not quite as interesting. If you keep your rabbit treats in a jar, they will easily recognize them for what it is and will zoom over to you out of excitement. The sound of a jar is a great way to get your rabbit out of places you don’t want it to be.

14. Munching on veggies

Rabbits love to hear themselves eat. It is comforting to them as they hear themselves filling their stomach with their favorite food.

Sometimes they love the sound of other rabbits munching on veggies. if they hear other bunnies nearby munching too, it might trigger them to eat as well.

15. Pen clicks

This sound is also similar to general clickers training and is a sound that rabbits love learning too. Some people use pens or clickers to teach their rabbits tricks. It is a nice subtle sound that any rabbit can be motivated by. All they just need is a few sessions to get used to it and associate the click with the treats.

What Sounds Do Rabbits Hate?

Rabbits are naturally prey animals, and they can be easily scared by loud or sudden noises. Some sounds that may frighten rabbits include:

  •  Thunderstorms
  •  Fireworks
  •  Loud music
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Sirens
  •  Dogs barking
  •  Loud voices
  •  Cars honking
  •  Construction noises
  •  Clapping or banging
  •  Electronic beeps and alarms

It is important to create a safe and comfortable environment for your rabbit to help reduce their stress and anxiety.

This may involve providing a quiet and calm space for them to retreat to, avoiding loud or sudden noises, and providing them with toys and activities that stimulate their senses without overwhelming them.

Additionally, you can gradually introduce your rabbit to new sounds and experiences so that it can become accustomed to them over time.


What noise do rabbits make when happy?

Bunnies typically don’t make specific noises when they are happy. However, they may exhibit contentment through behaviors like purring or grinding their teeth softly. It’s important to note that rabbits primarily communicate through body language rather than vocalizations.


Pet rabbits are different and will respond to sounds differently. It may be easy for some rabbits to learn a few sounds and commands in a short period while some may take longer.

These sounds mentioned are the most common, but there is no limitation to the number of sounds a bunny can love. To tell which sound your rabbits love you can observe your rabbit’s behavior and reaction toward certain sounds.

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