I am Ayodeji, the founder of Bunnydeets.com, a bunny lover and enthusiast. I own a bunny named Archie, the source of inspiration for this website. As someone with firsthand experience in caring for bunnies, I have dedicated myself to creating this website for fellow bunny lovers like you.

Meet Archie
Meet Archie!

What We Offer

1. Bunny Care Guides

Our comprehensive care guides cover everything from choosing the right bunny breed to creating a safe and stimulating environment for your furry companion. We’ll provide you with essential tips on diet, grooming, exercise, and health care to ensure your bunny’s well-being.

2. Bunny Behavior Insights

Bunnies have their own unique behaviors and communication methods. Our articles delve into the fascinating world of bunny behavior, helping you decode their body language, understand their social dynamics, and strengthen your bond with your bunny.

3. Bunny Product Recommendations

We’ve carefully curated a selection of recommended products to make your bunny’s life more comfortable and enjoyable from cozy bedding and stimulating toys to nutritious treats and grooming essentials.